Hello there! I’m Justene Sweet, creator of Wild Iris Herbs.

I am an herbalist by trade and a plant woman by nature. I was born of the arid hills of south central British Columbia and transplanted to the mountains and valleys of western Montana in 2011. Here in Montana, you can find me wandering the fields and forests looking for herbaceous friends or along the rivers edge seeking warmth and wisdom beneath the ponderosa pines and junipers. I work as an herbalist at Meadowsweet Herbs in downtown Missoula.

Having grown up exploring the hills and forests around my home in British Columbia, I naturally formed relationships with many of the plants in that ecosystem. With my stack of field guides in tow, the practice of plant identification eventually led to learning about the medicinal properties of the plants, how they were traditionally used, and how they are still used today.

For years I studied the classic correspondence course called the Science and Art of Herbology, by Rosemary Gladstar. With a folk herbalism base under me, in 2014 I enrolled in Green Path Herb School’s 450+ hour herbalist training program. I graduated in July 2014.

Herbalism is a holistic healing modality and my experience at Green Path truly was a holistic healing experience. My studies went beyond simply learning herbal alternatives to pharmaceuticals, it opened my eyes and heart to the deep connection that can occur with our herbal allies.

This is my primary goal as an herbalist; I want to help connect you with your own herbal allies that work for your unique constitution. We are all a beautiful blend of physiology, emotions and a distinct evolutionary path, and herbs can assist us in finding our unique balance point. The symbiosis that can occur between humans and plants is profound.

Join me on the journey!

~ Justene; Wild Iris